Monday, May 01, 2006

Blossomy May

Blossomy May, it always remind me that this is the best month in the year when I was in Shanghai, I never love Shanghai except for this month. The weather is just nice to feel relaxed and enable you to think clearly. You could see all kinds of fruits along the streets...skies are blue and trees are green, troubles are seemed taken away by the blessed winds. A pretty good season to have a cup of coffee with good friends, take a walk in the park with elders and listen to their very old stories....and grab the last grilled mutton satay before the summer if you crazy for these mutton satay as I do...

Though the world let you down, as long as you still feel your heart beating, never stop loving, enjoy a sunbathe with a bottle of beer beside a little pond....You could even speak out your hidden desires and laugh out body would blame you for your discourteous behavior in this happy season....just like Bee Gees's "Too Much Heaven"! This is a wonderful season for beautiful people to love, or to be loved! ..See you guys in Shanghai!

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