Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You raise me up!

What a bad fortune! Why I've always had to meet these shameless people all this while! Everything not going smooth recently, not a single thing goes smooth…! Shameless client refused to pay us the balance after we submitted the job!!! How contemptible is he!! All-important things I worked on recently somehow turn out a hopeless failure in last minute!! How perplexing!! I was loaded down with the heavy burden that You know I couldn't carry it alone... Rescue me Lord!....from insult that I might deserve due to my personal sin in the past.....for I am suffering from these insults that You know how it hit me impassively.... and how I am suffocating by distress that come along my way see the loved one in misery give me a feeling of worthlessness and despair... How long do You think I can put out with these unexpected and upsetting stuffs, my Lord?? Do I still have strength to fight with the devil who come to me and trying to steal my faith!? And divert me from focusing on You! Can I stay the course for the sake of unseen promises?? ..... "hear O lord, when I cry with my voice", Please give me the solution that I need in order to move forwards in this area of my life.

I know He cannot fail,
But my depression continue,
For I do not know how to face tomorrow,
Burdened heart rolls out my soul in silence;
I remain speechless in darkness and couldn't say a prayer;
I hold my faith but yet shivered in a stormy night that was unexpected;

Until You come,
And spoke to me in gentle "pray always,
and not lose heart";
A verse I have been read over thousands and further;
It did not stun me until it merely a gentle remind from my dear Lord;
It unblocks my awareness of His mercy and presence;
Though my troubles not yet over,
But I am now again filled with His wonder power.

March, April 2006 HL

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