Friday, June 02, 2006

I've no answer for you!

I do not know if this is a symptom of "aging" or the symptom of "unspeakableness" (it breaks out from time to time :)), tired to engage on some sophisticated questions that seem to lead to restless debate and arguments with my brilliant friends.
I've posted some articles regarding my research on civilizations, religion and political issues; it was my assignments, which was done years ago. In fact, I know I should not be lazy in my thinking. Anyway, you could also find that my respective blogs are linked to some other site, such as agnostic, atheism, liberalism etc. It is for those who are interested to get further knowledge in order to inspire and widen our perspective on concerned topics.

As for me, being a born theism, I am always curious about how an atheist thinks, and it is always incredible to find how an atheist can be led to be an agnostic? Skepticism is allowed in Christianity, however, I think, (that's why Christians do not pursue and wipe out the author of The Da Vinci Code,J but to be honest, it is irritating when my friends try to tease me as "mainstream" Christian who refuse to admit that Jesus was married with a child, or in fact what’s wrong a man to get married and have a child??) or more accurately I should say, that, we shall not keep a closed-minded prejudice rather. Without doubt, to understand the Truth, knowledge is required to "test everything".
They welcomed the message very eagerly and examined the Scripture every day to see whether these things were so...( Acts 17:11b)

After all, these bring advantages to the Truth seeker as well. As I said, the contribution of Enlightenment not only offered mankind a critical rational thinking and emancipated men and women from spiritual less religion bound, and also to recover the unique and honor of mankind, indeed, reason, is a very amazing gift that is given by God.

Rational thinking or reason is a primal gift to discover the meaning of life, it is no doubt an implement to discern the profound mystery of the universe, and helps us to come out with various conclusion or presumption. (Since somebody questions my training in philosophy due to my religious passion, to be a little proud to say, luckily I scored straight As for my Logic and Contemporary Western Philosophy subjects from year 1 till year 4 in my philosophy studies, as well as the Contemporary Western Civilization in Master studies. But somehow when my friends who challenged me the reason why Jesus was not allow to marry, when I answered because Jesus is the son of God, they just laughed out loud!!!) I never denied that the philosophy and logical training are very important, but friend, not everything can be understood in a logical way as you wish. All presumptions should lead to the very old questions of life, such as, where did you come from? Where will you go? And, Who Are We?

As for religion today in the West particularly, it became rather nihilism, formalism and relativism (As for relativism, I believe the critical question is to be or not to be is no more a problem for them).

Due to its various emancipative movements which have gone too far, for instance, the LGBT movement and so on (this is a tough and critical issue anyway, open-mindedness does not mean the tolerant open-mindedness of a convictionless ideological pluralism. Well, I can see some people are starting to feel uncomfortable for my "mainstream" Christianity's statement which sounds like a trick for them). Gay priests can be anointed and manifest churches have compromised the Truth they once held steadfast (however, when churches tend to be customers-oriented, there will be no more God within).

Therefore it is no surprise to know a person who has been a Christian for more than 25 years starts to doubt what he or she was raised to believe, just because of a novel called "The Da Vinci Code". How fragile is the little poor soul, not necessary to blame anyone who tries to accuse or challenge Christianity. Once again I have to say as I said, (I hope nobody would think I am throwing a stone here, I am by no means like to condemn G&L as a Pharisee used to do). Even put my friendship with gay and lesbian friends who proclaimed herself or himself as a Christian on the verge of a cliff.

"Yes, I may do anything, but everything is not constructive", when there are so many G&L schools and theologies trying and seem to have convince you logically, wittedly, convincingly... which in fact goes against your faith, instead of man, seek God for the answer, ask the Holy Spirit to grant you discernment, and "test everything; hold fast to what is good" (1 Thess 5:12).

Let's find out what is the problem within oneself, deep in our soul and faith! And not to get lost inside the deep labyrinth of liberal pluralism and sophisticated philosophy!

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